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Truth in Love
Michelle Obama and Ferguson,

Link: Michelle Obama and the Why of Ferguson, Missouri Author: William Sullivan Source: American Thinker - 11.21.2014 It’s difficult to imagine a sadder state of affairs than political figures suggesting that any constituent group must adhere to a predetermined ideology without question, preaching that the flock should unquestionably follow a political party’s whims in lockstep. We all know such a thing be an anathema among free-thinking people, don’t we? [Related Article: Black Racism Is Politically Correct] This is a trait of past civilizations that we often ridicule and lament, having the benefit of hindsight and the blessings of Western concepts of morality. How, indeed, did Germans fall under the Nazi spell? When, exactly, did the Khmer Rouge accept their roles as enforcers of party-line groupthink to the extent that they would murder their own countrymen for a lack of faith in the Communist... (more)

Heater Dude
Bathroom Heating Installatio
n Tips

Check out these tips for installing a bathroom heater.

Advantages of power bank
"Power Bank" This concept is as popular and fast-growing digital products and developed, and its definition is: Convenient and easy to carry portable power bank. Digital product features increasingly diverse, more frequent use, and our daily lives are increasingly closely linked, how to improve digital products, duration of use, convenience to people's lives, replenish power, to maximize their importance for the function of the more urgent. The power bank, and that is the best solution for solving the problem, carry a power bank supply, you can charge anytime, anywhere for a variety of digital products. Car Charger for the convenience of owners use automotive car charger for digital products anytime charging accessories. Some high-end car charger typically include two USB ports, you can simultaneously charge two digital products. These products generally have overload protection, short circuit protection, high voltage input protection, high temperature protection, four heavy... (more)

Tanto de mi
-Hongos (Panaeolus semiovatus) -Hongos (Psilocybe cubensis ) -Mariguana (fumada, pastel, chocolate, te) -Hachis -Mezcalina -Extasis -Acido -Por equivocacion y una minima dosis cocaina

lynn822 da' best
Selamat Bercuti Semua
Selamat bercuti panjang untuk warga SK Datuk Kelana, Tapah. Kesibukan hari ni menyebabkan saya terlupa untuk memberi lebih perhatian kepada anak2 istimewa. Terutama yang akan ke sekolah menengah. Walaupun anak2 ini begitu nakal, tapi merekalah pengubat duka. bila tgk je anak2 istimewa ni.....rasa hilang kejap semua masalah. Buka sekolah nanti, 5 orang dah ke sekolah menengah. Maybe terasa sunyi sikit sbb mereka ni la yg riuhkan kelas. hati tercuit sikit gak la sbb kehilangan mereka. semoga mereka boleh sesuaikan diri di tempat baru.

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